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20D or 28D Steam Sterilizable Ophthalmic Lenses

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Steam Sterilizable Ophthalmic Lenses in your choice of +20D or +28D made in USA and All Glass. SurgiView lenses are composed entirely of instrument quality glass - there is no plastic to fog, haze or crack during everyday working conditions. The lens has a TRUE steam sterilizable coating which doesn’t require complex care instruction.

What is unique about ION’s SurgiView 20D & SurgiView 28D BIO Lenses is that they are are the only surgical BIO lenses designed exclusively with an AR coating that is Autoclave-Safe. Ion has developed this new coating after a decade of research an amazing coating that is a steam sterilizable coating. The result is an Anti-Reflective Coating which does not require complex care instructions by the Operating Room staff and it really works! Others do not offer “coated” sterilizable lenses for the O.R. Most others only offer uncoated lenses which cause excessive glare and accumulate water deposits when sterilized. SurgiView BIO lenses are recommended for use by hospitals, clinics and ambulatory surgi-centers having ophthalmology surgical services.

Glass is better:
All imaging components in these condensing lens systems are made entirely from glass - even the contacting element - to ensure maximum image integrity. The glass contact element also allows for non-fluid applications, alcohol and peroxide cleaning, and long-term durability. Say goodbye to the cracking, crazing and hazing that are typically associated with plastic optics. The glass contact element is an exclusive feature not offered by others.

Packaging and Instructions:
Each lens comes with a leather storage case and approved cleaning instructions

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