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The Optec Functional Vision Analyzer


Stereo Optical Company, Inc.

Product Description

The Functional Vision Analyzer ´ offers a number of exams to evaluate functional vision and better understand the patient''s quality of vision. Background illumination levels inside the unit are constantly monitored and controlled by eliminating environmental variables. The Functional Vision Analyzer ´ complies with established research standards. This lightweight and portable unit is guaranteed for two years. Exams can be performed under a variety of conditions and include: Visual Acuity ³ monocular and binocular at near, distant, and mid-range (optional). Contrast Sensitivity testing with F.A.C.T. † (Functional Acuity Contrast Test) can be performed in both day and night resting conditions; both with and without glare and with a choice of two different glare levels. Stereopsis ³ Stereo depth perception testing. Color perception testing. Potential acuity (pin hole).

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