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Optho-Lique Eye Drops

Entod Research Cell UK Ltd

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Description: An advanced dual-action ocular lubricating solution which contains a blend of ocular lubricants that moisturizes, comforts and revives dry eyes. This unique formula is PRESERVATIVE FREE on the Eye Surface and helps restore the natural osmotic balance of the eye surface. It is safe in contact lens wearers, and is suitable for day-time as well as night-time use.
Indication: Mild to Moderate Dry Eyes
Composition: Carmellose sodium 0.5%, stabilized oxychloro complex 0.01%, glycerin, levocarnitine & erythritol
Presentation: Optho-Lique Eye Drops is supplied in a 10ml multidose plastic eye drop bottle packaged in a thermo-protective case.
Brand owner: Essential Healthcare UK Ltd

For orders and availability contact:
Essential Healthcare UK Ltd
249 – Ongar Road,
CM15 9DZ
Head Office - + 44 (0)1277286199
E-Fax - +44 (0) 1733727030
Email - info@essential-healthcare.co.uk

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Product Feedback
Rating 5

JCG, United Kingdom

3 February 2019
Rating 5
Fantastic. One of the best eye drops I've ever tried. However, not widely available in chemists.