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Evaluation of corneal biomechanical response, tonometry and pachymetry.

IOP/Pachy Display
Biomechanically corrected IOP (bIOP)
bIOP readings are less dependent on biomechanical properties and corneal thickness and hence more accurate than IOP readings. The data are easy to read and interpret, and the IOP follow-up chart is neatly arranged.

Vinciguerra Screening Report
Corvis Biomechanical Index (CBI)
This module provides comprehensive biomechanical screening and keratoconus detection.
The software displays the patient’s results against normative values in easy-to-grasp charts.

Biomechanical Keratoconus Detection with the CBI
More information spells greater safety
The Vinciguerra Screening Display performs biomechanical screening based on the dynamic corneal response,
enabling the examiner to understand the stress-strain behaviour of corneal tissue and assess ectasia risk.

Tomographic and Biomechanical Assessment
Tomographic Biomechanical Index (TBI)
Integration of Pentacam® data for a combined tomographic and biomechanical analysis. The best of two worlds:
TBI is calculated using an artificial intelligence approach to optimize ectasia detection.

Biomechanical Analysis After Laser Vision Correction
The CBI-LVC measures biomechanical stability after laser vision correction. This information is key for making
clinical decisions such as on retreatments after LASIK or corneal crosslinking in case of ectasia.

Glaucoma Screening Software
Biomechanical Glaucoma Factor (BGF)
This revolutionary software allows an easy screening for glaucoma based on the biomechanical response. It offers
a new approach to detecting normal tension glaucoma (NTG) cases despite normal intraocular pressure.

Pentacam® and Corvis® ST Work Together
Artificial intelligence approach for enhanced ectasia detection
Gain accuracy in ectasia risk assessment by integrating tomographic data from the Pentacam® and biomechanical data from the Corvis® ST.

The availability of products and features may vary by country. OCULUS reserves the right to change product specifications and design

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